Toxic Gas Leak Detector


Toxic Gas Leak Detector

Gas monitoring is an integral part of environmental protection and safety program. We at Husaini® Engineers design Toxic Gas Leak Detectors esp for combustible gases such as Chlorine & Ammonia.  These detector monitors gas leaks for continuous operation in an open or confined are. It provides an audible alarm and visual indication of gas toxicity status. The sensor with alarm are easy to install and are lightweight, self-contained and wall mounted.

There are three major categories of hazardous gas :

Toxic Gas Leak Detector

1. Combustible gases pose a risk to personnel and plant facilities through fire or explosion. Toxic gases create both immediate and long term risk to personnel.

Gas Leak Monitor
2. Oxygen displacing deplete workers oxygen supply in confined spaces.

Combustible Gas Detector
3. Husaini ® Engineers meets your risk management by providing monitors available in wall mounted single/multi rack/panel mounted or hand held portable or weather proof to suit any site application. 

Ammonia Gas Detector 

The gas leak sensor can be installed in field upto a distance of 100 meters from monitors. The diffusion type gas leak sensor required no pumps filters or extra accessories. The gas leak sensor gives linear output as per concentration of gas. One important feature of this detector is that it has no cross sensitivity to other gas like HCL, SO2, NH3.

Chlorine Gas Detector

Salient Features

Direct Digital Readout in PPM
Continous monitoring with fast response
Long life Electrochemical Sensor
Recorder output 4 to 20 mA
Easy maintenance and calibration
OEM Design
Panel mounted or Portable model also available.


Chlorination Plants
Nuclear Reactors
PVC Manufacturing Plants
Swimming Pools
Water treatment plants
Paper Mills
Acid, Alkalis and Dyes Manufacturing Plants

Available in single and double configuration.



0-100 PPM, 0-10 PPM


0.1 PPM

Operating Temperature

0 to 50oC

Sensor Type


Response Time

Less than 30 seconds


3.5 digit, 12.5 mm height, 7 segment LED display


1 No/C Potential free contact rated 230 V/ 5A for each alarm 1 & alarm 2

Recorder Output

4 to 20 mA DC

Power Supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz


Wall Mounting


IP 67 class of protection for enclosure


285(L) x 235(W) x 145(H) in mm


Operating and maintenance instruction manual, Electrolyte Bottle and Industrial Hooter


Chart Recorder, extra Cable for long distance application, Calibration Kit, etc


We are Registered with CPCB ( Central Pollution Central Board), Water On-line, Pollution On-line

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