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  • Ammonia Gas Detector | Chlorine Gas Detector | Multi Gas Detector
    HusainiTM offers multi-gas leak detectors like Ammonia Gas Detector & Chlorine Gas Detector which can be installed in control room with sensor located in field.

  • Analyser
    The analyser is based on amperometric type instrument designed to analyze residual chlorine in water. The digital display provides measurement continously without need of expensive chemicals

  • Calibration
    We strongly recommend that an experienced service engineer or an expert in the field should carry out the calibration. Once the Pot-4 setting and correspondingly, calibration is disturbed, the detector will not function properly

  • Carbon Monoxide Gas
    Carbon Monoxide Gas is better known as a silent and deadly killer. It is the leading cause of accidental poisonings in America especially but this poisoning is preventable.

  • chlorine gas
    What is Chlorine and What is It Used for?.

  • Combustible Gas Detector
    Combustible Gas Detector is absolutely necessary as ombustible gases are highly inflammable and explosive leading to hazards to life and property, if proper precautions are not taken.

  • Company Profile
    Our customer support centre has specially trained professionals to attend to your every query - be it after sales-service or some technical query you may need a prompt answer to.

  • Contact Us
    You may contact us for customer support. We have specially trained professionals to attend to your every query - be it after sales-service or any technical query

  • Dual Sensor
    Dual sensors are continuous-duty, low-cost monitors for detection of any two toxic or combustible gases in two different locations.

  • Exhaust Gas Analyzer
    An exhaust gas analyzer does the job of detecting a leak. It used in order to search for leaks in a vehicle exhaust system.

  • Gas Articles
    Gas Grills Often Turn Out Dangerous.

  • leak detection in our home
    Leak Detection: The Difference In Quality Matters.

  • Leak Tester Devices
    Leak tester devices are used to detect leakage of water, gas or vacuum from sealed apparatus.

  • LP gas
    RV Propane Savvy. LP gas

  • Natural Gas Detectors
    It is important to keep in mind that when choosing natural gas detectors is that you may want to consider the alarm activation system which makes the alarm go off.

  • Portable Gas Leak Monitor
    Human life is constantly threatened in working areas where toxic gases can accumulate or oxygen becomes depleted / enriched. Here Portable Gas Leak Monitor becomes handy

  • Schematic Diagram
    The schematic diagram depicted here, gives complete details of the monitor installation for field wiring and termination.

  • Smoke Detector Tips
    This article deals with home safety with the help of smoke detectors. Here are some smoke detector tips for your own safety and hazard prevention.

  • Toxic Gas Leak Detector | Combustible Gas Detector | Chlorine Gas Detector | Ammonia Gas Detector | Gas Leak Monitor
    Toxic Gas Leak Detector for combustible gases such as Chlorine and Ammonia provides audible alarm & visual indication of gas leak monitor status. Easy to install & lightweight

  • Transmitter Card
    The transmitter card condition sensor signal and provide an industry standard 4-20mA output that can be interface with distributed control system(DCS) or Programmable Logic Control(PLC)