Toxic Gas Leak Detector


Combustible Gas Detector

Combustible Gases are highly inflammable and explosive leading to hazards to life and property, if proper precautions are not taken. To overcome this drawback, Husaini Engineers manufacture combustible gas detectors and explosimeters, which ensure safety by detecting even minute amounts of combustible gas vapours and hydrocarbon particles in ambient air.

Combustible Gas Detector

Solid-State sensors used in these monitors are confirming to IP67 class of protection. The gas leak monitors are assembled in poly carbonate casing with electronic digital readout and audible/visual alarm provided. These detectors are particularly calibrated on methane in % of LEL.

Salient Features

Direct Digital Readout in PPM
Can be installed in hazardous area
Continous monitoring with fast response
Long life solid-state Sensor
Recorder output 4 to 20 mA
Easy maintenance and calibration
Optional battery back-up
Panel mounted or Portable model are also available.
Alarm set point can be adjusted to any range (from 0 to Full)



0-100% LEL


0.1 PPM

Operating Temperature

0 to 50oC

Sensor Type


Response Time

less than 30 seconds


3.5 digit, 12.5 mm height, 7 segment LED display


1 No/C Potential free contact rated 230 V/ 5A for each alarm 1 & alarm 2

Recorder Output

4 to 20 mA DC

Power Supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz


Wall Mounting


IP 67 protection for enclosure


286(L) x 235(W) x 145(H) in mm


Operating and maintenance instruction manual and Industrial Hooter


Chart Recorder, extra Cable for long distance application, Calibration Kit, etc


Acids, alkalis and Dyes Manufacturing Plants and Petro-chemicals Ind.
Fertilizers Plants
Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing
Urea Industries
Off shore and Refineries
Nitrogen Plants
Chemical Industries
Ammonia Crackers for air dryer plants
Nitric Acid plants