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In a world where high emphasis is laid on environment protection and safety regulations, Husaini EngineersTM manufactures toxic gas leak detectors which help prevent harm by detecting gas leakage.

Company directors, safety engineers and pollution specialists are sensitive to the havoc caused by toxic gas leakage and understand that detecting leakage in good time can avoid needless expense, safeguard buildings and save lives and the environment.

Husaini ® Engineers' gas detection division meet the stringent requirements of industry and have come to understand the true value of measurement and safety.

Our customer support centre has specially trained professionals to attend to your every query - be it after sales-service or some technical query you may need a prompt answer to.

To ensure total satisfaction with our products Husaini emphasizes comprehensive customer service and support. We take pride in offering expert technical support including factory repairs for every HusainiTM product in use today.

We also tailor training programs to fit your specific needs.

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Husaini ® Engineers Pvt. Ltd.

Plot no 29, 304, Fakhri Manzil,
Saifee Park, Church Rd.,
Marol, Andheri(E), Mumbai - 400059, India.


+91- 9324564404