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Breathe Easy With Exhaust Gas Analyzer

All latest auto shops need to be equipped with a high quality exhaust gas analyzer so that they can carry on work with sophisticated cars which have complex computer controlled engine management systems placed in them. It is very difficult to correct problems with modern cars without the correct diagnosis and analysis even for a professionally trained mechanic.

An exhaust gas analyzer does the job of detecting a leak. It used in order to search for leaks in a vehicle exhaust system. These gas analyzers read the sample and give readings of conclusions about various gases present in the sample. They are generally used for measuring emissions. An exhaust gas analyzer can detect various gasses such as carbon monoxide and it can locate potential fire sources and it has the property to combust on contact with hot areas.

Exhaust Gas Analyzer Exhaust gas analyzers are quite a difficult object to buy because they come in various kinds of shapes and price, main criteria is that it does everything that you want it to. These systems are available in basic form in which a single line display just informs you whether a particular gas is present or not, other highly technical systems are able to connect to your personal computer and give you a complete study of the various gases present in the sample, the results are quite precise.

When ever there is a problem regarding management of engine, it means that there is a problem with the fuel supply to the engine. This indicates that fuel is not supplied in the right proportion in comparison to the air. In such a situation the engine is unable to run as efficiently as it is designed to. Such a situation arises in two forms. Either the engine will not be able to provide the necessary power that is normally available or on the other hand the car will begin to use a lot more fuel. In such a situation an exhaust gas analyzer helps the mechanic by telling him the exact problem with an engine thus making work easy for him in fixing the malfunction of the engine.

If you have to select an analyzer in terms of price and not quality, there is the Universal Enterprises CD2000. This basic system cost some where between $250 and $300. It is simple to use and easy to set up. It is one of the basic pieces of equipment but its abilities are quite limited to “sniffing” out leaks in the exhaust system and engine block, and sounding a buzzer when gas is present.


If you move on to a slightly high budget of approximately $1,000 you can get an exhaust gas analyzer with many more functions than simply find a leak. The Vacutec LD601 is a high quality diagnostic machine that is able to use smoke to locate and mark leaks throughout the EVAP and exhaust system. In order to make using the system as easy as possible, many of its functions have been automated so you can concentrate on the results. When it comes to state of the art technology, and complete functionality, a tool like the OTC 3732 exhaust gas analyzer is hard to beat. Although it retails for around $10,000, you get a tool that will revolutionize any workshop, lead to greater efficiency throughout, and bring a new level of professional ability to the whole diagnosis program. Not only will it find leaks in any car exhaust system, it will give the mechanic a full breakdown of its findings. The OTC 3732 will connect to a printer and a modem in order to communicate with PC and let you apply even more technology to getting to the root of a problem faster than ever.