Toxic Gas Leak Detector


Portable Gas Leak Monitor 

Human life is constantly threatened in working areas where combustible or toxic gases can accumulate or oxygen becomes depleted / enriched. Portable Gas Leak Monitor Model : PG-110 provides effective warning to preserve human life and property under these dangerous conditions. The compact & portable design, a state of art gas leak sensor and monitor achieves remarkable durability assure optimum performace with minimum maintenance.

Portable Gas Leak Monitor

Salient Features

Small and light weight
Hand held instrument
Long life sensor
Direct Digital readout
High alarm
Battery low indication
Alarm Set Point adjustable to full range

Principle of Operation

The personal alarm gives a direct digital readout in % LEL or PPM level as per requirement. The gas leak monitor model PG-110 is self containing sensor and 4 nos of standard AA size batteries. The unit is small and light in weight with a hands-free facility to hook the unit with a belt. It has adjustable sound levels, buzzer alarm facility audible even in noisy environment. A low battery indication is given on display with buzzer, which indicates that the battery has to be replaced. The gas leak monitor unit is very light-weight, portable, convenient and easy to operate. PG-110 provides optional continous monitoring of any gases i.e combustible gas or oxygen .

For industrial hygiene monitoring, the PG-110 can be upgraded with a real time clock/calender, data logging facility, RS-232 computer interface facility to keep track of variation in environment trends and analysing.



0 to 100% LEL or PPM level as per requirement


0.1 % LEL or 0.1 PPM

Response Time

less than 30 seconds

Sampling Method


Sensor Life

Expected life 18 months depending upon operating condition

Sensor type

Solid State or Electrochemical

Set Point

High and very high


Leather carrying case, Operating instructions, Battery


210(H) x 115(W) x 40(D)


3.5 digit LCD Display

Functional Keys

ON-OFF switch, Zero and span adjustment pot


PVC Enclosure

Low Battery

Indication with Buzzer

Operating Temperature

0 to + 45oC


Audible Alarm facility

Power Supply

Four AA size batteries 3V dry cell


Headphone, Ni-Cd rechargeable battery, charger