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Smoke Detector Tips

This article deals with home safety with the help of smoke detectors. Here are some tips or you can say simple steps that any common man can easily follow to help him safeguard his family and home in as little time as say five minutes a month.

Read this article further for some interesting information on smoke detectors which play a vital role in the safety of your house. They serve you like an important line of defense to protect you and your family from the results of a devastating fire. These gadgets serve the purpose only as good as the person who installed them and the person who maintains them.

The first important thing to consider when installing a smoke detector is the location where it will be placed in the house. Generally it should be placed in the center of a ceiling but if you are placing them on a wall remember that they should be at least 10 inches below the ceiling because if you are placing a wall mounted detector too close to the ceiling or a ceiling mounted detector in a corner of the room it will form an air pocket around the detector. This is turn will make the detector to become slower to detect smoke.

Smoke Detector Tips Secondly remember not to place a smoke detector too close to the kitchen or fireplace because this will make the alarm ring on and off. The false alarms can turn out be annoying in the long run and there are chances that you people might just develop an immunity to the alarm and not believe it when it really goes on in case of a real fire!

Having just one detector gadget in the house is not sufficient. It is suggested that for extra safety it is best to install smoke detectors on every floor in your home. If it is possible you should place one in each bedroom of your home because in case there is a fire when you are asleep you may not be able to hear the fire detector that is in a hallway but it will be easy to hear the one that is in the bedroom itself.

Last but not the least, remember that prevention is better than cure. You should make it a routine to test the detectors at least once in every month by lighting and blowing out a match underneath the alarm. If the gadget does not respond to this smoke it calls for the batteries to be checked and replaced. Also if your detector starts to chirp, it indicates that the batteries are going low and they should be replaced immediately.