Toxic Gas Leak Detector


Multi Gas Detectors

Husaini® Engineers offers multi-gas leak detectors like Ammonia Gas Detector and Chlorine Gas Detector which can be installed in control room with sensor located in field. Gas Leak Monitor can have maximum seven channels with individual power supplies. Each channel can be connected to sensor which can be same gas or different gas (either toxic or combustion).

Ammonia Gas Detector | Chlorine Gas Detector


Same gas or different gas sensor can be used. All cards in rack are interchangeable. Sensor can be located in hazardous area. Continous monitoring with fast response. Alarm set-points are adjustable to full range
Individual for each sensor potential free contact output two nos.

Recorder output 4 to 20 mA to interface DCS/PLC

Digital Display of gas measuring in LED 3.5 digit

Common Alarm or remote alarm facility

Multi Gas Detectors



Acid Alkalies & Dyes manufacturing plants
Caustic Soda Plants
Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
Fertilizer plants
Municipal water works, swimming pools, water treatment plants
Power station and cooling towers



0-100% LEL or PPM range as per requirement


3.5 mm LED continous for each sensor display


2 Potential free contacts for alarm 1 & alarm 2 for each channel

Recorder Output

4 to 20 mA DC

Power Supply

230 V AC, 50 Hz, singe phase


Low level and high level for each sensor

Set Point

adjustable to full range


480(L) x 132(H) x 305(W) in mm for 7 channels