Toxic Gas Leak Detector


Transmitter Card

Husaini® Engineers Gas Sensors modules provide continous trouble free monitoring of hazardous gas conditions to protect plant and personnel. Gas sensor technology with electronics expertise to offer transmitter card of diffusion modules. The transmitter card condition sensor signal and provide an industry standard 4-20mA output that can be interface with distributed control system(DCS) or Programmable Logic Control(PLC).

Transmitter Card

The Gas sensor transmitter card works in two ways

Electrochemical Sensors are fuel cell devices consisting of anode, cathode and electrolyte. The components of the cell are selected so a subject gas allowed to diffuse into cell will cause chemical reaction and generate a current.

The cell are diffusion limited so the rate the gas enters the cell is solely dependant on gas concentration.

The current generated is proportional to the rate of consumption of the subject gas in the cell.

Semiconductor Sensors are for monitoring combustible gases and wide variety of gases utilising a solid state semi-conductor sensors. The sensing element is comprised of a metal oxide semiconductor later formed on an alumina substrate of a sensing chip together with an integrated heater. In the presence of detectable gas sensor, conductivity increases depending on gas concentration in air. 



Combustible Gas Leak Detector sensor

Chlorine Gas Leak Detector sensor


0-100% LEL

0-100 PPM, 0-10 PPM

Sensor Type

Solid State


Operating Type

0 to 50 oC


0.1 PPM


3.5 digit, 12.5 mm digit height, 7 segment LED Display


4 to 20 mA DC


Wall mounting


IP 67 Protection for Encosure / FRP

Sampling Method


Sensor Life

Expected life 18 months Depending upon Operating Condition

Response Time

Less than 30 seconds

Power Supply

230 V AC +- 10%, 50 HZ / 15 V DC


72(H) x 95(W) x 95(B)